Maintenance of wind farms

Well-done preventatives can make the difference between years with full production and years with many failure downtime. Aguado Wind Services has the best equipment to eliminate wind turbine failures. We carry out alignment, greasing and torque retightening work, along with a visual inspection checklist.

Aguado Wind Services optimizes the quality, cleanliness and distribution of the lubrication of wind turbines. The use of state-of-the-art machinery, uniquely designed to adapt to this job, is what makes this possible. We currently have three machines, which gives us the capacity to carry out about 36 oil changes per week per machine, guaranteeing speed of service with minimal interruption.

We have our own teams of technicians trained in vertical work for inspection, cleaning, repair and retrofit work.

Aguado Wind Services provides a high quality service for any blade model. We can repair blades on site with our 90-meter platforms, or in the field, after maneuvering with cranes and transporting them.

Aguado Wind Services provides inspection services by providing detailed reports and plans for future repairs:

Aguado Wind Services can cover all maintenance areas, from general corrective maintenance and retrofits, to proactive, complete, and integrated maintenance packages.

We own everything for large corrective work. The cranes, transport and human resources all belong to Aguado Wind Services. It is no longer necessary to search for two or three companies to do a single job.

Aguado Wind Services as an independent service company, provides its clients with ancillary products of the highest quality, and services that include aviation beacon systems, and the installation / inspection of lifting equipment.