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Our commitments

The management of Aguado Group is aware of the importance of quality as a key element for the competitiveness of our company and to ensure it is the future survival.

For this reason, we have taken the decision to introduce a work methodology that will help us provide quality services to our customers in a structured and systematic manner.

Given this approach, the management assumes the following commitments:

client as the main focus of the company

Considering the client as the main focus of the company and all the actions should be directed towards the client.

best technical capability

To have the best technical capability, increasing the commitment of excellence in offering satisfactory service and the most reliable communication with the client.

quality objectives

Every year we establish strict quality objectives and review them to ensure exact compliance.

legal and regulatory requirements

Ensure strict compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to our activity.

Quality Management System

Continuously review and improve the functioning of our Quality Management System.

high vocation to customer service

We are a team whose daily actions are performed with a high vocation to customer service supported by our vision of a global company.