In Specialized Transport Aguado, we plan and perform elevations, transports and support for specialized maintenance within the Industry and Energy sector such as: petrochemicals, refineries, power and hydraulic plants, solar thermos, nuclear, naval, etc.

We are going to present you some examples on this website such as: Transport, self-discharge, and slewing of large transformer, assembly of cooling columns, steam turbine transport, etc. Our large list of clients grows continuously owing to our Spanish customers’ trust and it covers sectors such as construction and building, industry, energy, civil works and civil infrastructure, ports, etc.


Aguado Transports and Cranes has subsidiaries in Malaga, Algeciras and Gibraltar. As it would be expected, given our expansion, we also have strategic subsidiaries to be able to provide services throughout Spain from Soria, Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia, Huelva and Bilbao. We also opened a subsidiary in Tangier (Morocco) as part of a strategic plan for international expansion. Given the specialisation of our teams, we have been carrying out international projects, not only in Europe, but also in Asia, America and Africa.

At Aguado Transports and Cranes, through our subsidiaries we offer a coverage service throughout Spain, together with an immediate response capacity and an integrated customer service 24 hours a day, we can offer services within the Industry sector.