Self-propelled Hydraulic Cranes

In Transportes y Grúas Aguado we offer rental of Self-propelled Hydraulic Cranes with driver throughout Spain.

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Self-propelled Hydraulic Cranes are essential machinery in loading and unloading operations. Their high performance is due to the mechanical device they have to take advantage of the hydraulic energy and transport the goods from one place to another.

We have a wide variety of types of hydraulic crane. Each of them is adapted to a specific purpose. From 40 tons of load to a total of 1,000 tons, our wide range of cranes and equipment can help you develop any type of project.

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 1000 TN

1.000 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 1000 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 700 TN

700 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 700 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 500 TN

500 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 500 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 450 TN

450 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 450 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 250 TN

250 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 250 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 200 TN

200 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 200 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 150 TN

150 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 150 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 120 TN

120 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 120 TN

Grúa Hidráulica Aguado 100 TN

100 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 100 TN

Grua Hidráulica Aguado 80 TN

80 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 80 TN

Grua Hidráulica Aguado 70 TN

70 TN

Aguado Hydraulic Cranes 70 TN


At Cranes y Transport Aguado we can help you. These are the phases that we will follow to help you carry out your loading and unloading project:

Our Engineering Department will be in charge of planning and designing all the maneuvers that will need to be carried out.
Depending on the needs of the work to be carried out, we will evaluate the type of crane that best suits you.
Once the equipment to be used has been decided, the rental deal with driver is closed.
If you have questions about which crane will best suit the demands of your work, our team will help you. You can find some considerations to take into account in our article “4 tips to choose the correct hydraulic crane”.

At Grúas y Transportes Aguado we have experience in sectors such as construction and building, industry, energy, civil works, ports and the transfer of heavy machinery.

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